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Medium Ali


Spiritual Healer


Science Beyond Self


Bioenergy & Parapsychology


Specialized in the science of spirituality


Messenger of angels and souls



Healing / deliverance for body, mind and soul.


Soul liberation from anxiety and depression


Problem solving / healing for tired souls, mental stress and soul disorders.



I come from a spiritual country








Spiritual Check-up


There are many people who have difficulties


and they themselves do not know why?


Through a spiritual check-up for your soul,


I can see exactly why you are having these problems.


and can make the problems go away from you






About my work

Healing - Cleansing - Freeing the soul:

You want to know why you have pain ? Why you have depression? Why you are sad? Why you are confused?

Dream interpretation and palm reading:
Every dream has one/more meaning/s. Do you want to know what your dream is telling you? Do you want to know why you dreamed it? Do you want to know your future through palmistry? Do you want to know everything about yourself and your entire life through palm reading?

Solution against ghosts:
Do you have problems with ghosts? Do you feel ghosts in your home (e.g. cold air, voices, etc...)? Do you constantly have the feeling that someone is with you, following you or watching you? Do you have trouble sleeping because of this?

Solution against curse - magic:
Do you always feel unlucky, have no luck and no success in your daily life? Do you dream terrible things? Do you feel that you are being called by someone in your thoughts? Are you often sick? Do people misunderstand you? Do you have depressions? Always unlucky in love?

Life after death - rebirth - regression - reincarnation:
Do you feel you have lived in the past?

Otherworld Contact:
Do you want contact with deceased persons?

Do you feel that your soul has made a connection to someone else? Do you feel you know a person even though you have seen them for the first time?

Hybrid Soul
Have you always wanted to know
if you have a hybrid soul?
Have you always felt that
you are different from the others?

Dual soul
Have you always wanted to know if you and a certain person in your life share a dual soul connection?

Magic removal, blockage removal,
aura cleansing, spiritual cleansing,
as well as removal of voodoo magic.




Do you feel that?​
(Blockades - Depression - Anxiety)
1. curse
2. magic
3. touch (of bad invisible energy)

There are many people who have difficulties and they themselves, do not know why?

If you feel you have these signs, as mentioned above....

Curse can express itself on the basis of:

suddenly there is no more love, but hate
- all of a sudden you are no longer healthy, but sick

suddenly you are no longer happy, but sad

suddenly you are no longer patient, but impatient

suddenly you are no longer calm, but nervous

suddenly you are no longer doing good things, but bad things

suddenly you give only hate instead of love

All of a sudden you do bad things and afterwards you are sad because you did it without intention.

you feel pain in the uterus

You get pain in the lower back

Your eyes start to shine

Your breath and skin get a bad smell, and even though you wash yourself, the smell sticks to you.

You suddenly start crying

Your belly and face become fat

the skin under your eyes becomes darker and darker

You no longer see a future

Fear of everything, even when you go out of the house

No desire to live

Magic can be manifested by

pressure on the chest for no reason
Suddenly watering of the eyes without being sad

difficulty falling asleep/difficulty sleeping as well as insomnia


cold or heat in the extremities that did not exist before

frequent yawning


feeling of strangeness of the wife towards the husband and vice versa

psychological change when entering the home - work

sudden mood swings

crying for no reason

extreme sweating for no reason

you feel your brain is not working anymore

(from bad invisible energy)

- feeling like pinpricks

- headache/migraine

- severe back pain

- feeling of being strangled/choked

- foul taste in the mouth

- the feeling of being pulled into the head, irritation of the eyes

- dryness of the lips of the mouth and throat

- oily/greasy skin

- rashes

- creepy feeling of being touched or handled

- dissatisfaction

- desperate thoughts

- nervousness

- hearing voices although no one is there

- bruises on the inner thigh

- spots of dark brown color on all parts of the body

- increased or decreased sex drive

- someone puts his hand on the body or moves his hand over the body

If you feel what I just mentioned, through a spiritual

chek-up I can tell you exactly what you have and I will free you from these things through a prayer (ruqya)

Magic removal, removal of blockages,

aura cleansing, spiritual cleansing,

as well as removal of voodoo magic.





Living space & business




Do you have problems with ghosts? Do you feel ghosts in your home (e.g. cold air, voices, etc...)? Do you constantly have the feeling that someone is with you, haunting you or watching you? Do you have trouble sleeping because of this?





Success and happiness for self-employment or profession


Your work is not going well?

Your work is not successful?

You don't feel like and don't enjoy your work anymore?

You feel something is blocking your work?

Although you put effort and money into your work, nothing comes back?

Do you feel that your work is bewitched?

Something is wrong at your workplace?



I can free your living space or your business/work through my ritual.







If you have or had one or more of these dreams, they have a specific meaning for you that I can interpret/explain to you.


For everyone this meaning is individual.


These dreams listed here are a message for the dreamer from the spiritual world.



Do you dream that you fall from a high place, like a mountain or a building or a staircase into the depth and these dreams repeat themselves?


Dreams of insects


Dreams of elephants, camels, dogs


Dreams of symbols


Dreams of vermin


Do you dream that someone is chasing you, women or men known to you or not, or animals?


Flying in the air


Do you dream of a person shooting you with a bullet through a machine gun, revolver, pistol or hitting you with an arrow or knife?


Do you dream about a person who watches you from a window or secretly and looks at you enviously?


Do you dream about a person who beats you in your dream?


Do you dream about old houses you have lived in?


Do you see your apartment/house untidy in your dream?


Do you dream that you sleep with strangers or people you know?


Do you talk to animals in your dreams?


Do you dream about deceased people?


Do deceased people visit you in your dream?


Do you dream that your teeth wiggle or go out?





There are 2 things dream and vision




What is the difference between dream and vision?



Meaningless dreams: There are dreams that have no meaning, you just dream how the day went.



Dreams with meaning: The dream wants to show us possible solutions for our present life and also warn us of all possible dangers and problems.


Each dream individually has a special meaning.






The vision wants to show us what is better and what to do to change our future positively.


If there is a decision to be made, the vision shows the best of different possibilities, that is, it helps us to make decisions.



If you need a vision in a certain situation, i.e. a decision-making aid, I make a certain prayer for you, through which the spiritual world sends you a vision.


I interpret it for you by telling me what you have seen in this vision.





Pharaoh rituals

Rituals against:


evil eye










against ghosts


against bad energy




Rituals for:








liberate way


Soul liberation






There are different ways to do rituals against anything bad or the evil eye to remove the malicious bad energy that affects a person negatively.


All rituals need for each specific problem a specific chain or symbol that I give you with a specific prayer and ritual that I make on this chain or symbol especially just for you, to solve your problems that you have and to make your wishes come true.





Energy massage

Aura Soma Massage


Energy massage therapy


Chakra Massage


Soul Massage


against headache


against backache


against all kinds of pain etc.


against depressions


against anxiety


against anxiety disorders


against. physical complaints


against mental stress


to switch off


to relax


to let your soul dangle


forget all worries


eliminate sadness


feelings of happiness


clear your way


liberation for body, mind and soul


Improvement of your well-being


You experience healing through this massage







What is the human being made of?




1) Body (visible)


2) Spirit (invisible)


3) Soul (invisible)





1) Consorte (invisible)

2) guardian angel (invisible)

3) sinister companion (invisible)




Our mind:

Explanation of our mind =the psyche.


Our psyche divides into 3 areas.


1st area:


Mentally calm means that the person is satisfied with everything that

he has, so he is balanced.



2nd area:


Psyche complaining means that man is dissatisfied with everything; he

complains about every situation in his life.



3rd area:


Psychic conflict (uncontrolled psyche) means that the person

suffers from severe depression is unpredictable (outbursts of anger, aggression, etc..).




If you feel that you have complaints like in the 2 or 3 area I can help you to get back to the 1 area then you can live normally again.





The soul consists of 2 things:


calm soul: means that everything is going well with you.


restless soul: means that you are always sad.




Consorte = (companion)


*good companion

*bad companion


From birth, every person has this.



Uncanny companions,

companions from the beyond

That means deceased persons like:


(grandma, grandpa, father, mother etc...)


Their soul accompanies us from time to time.





Hybrid soul


Have you always wanted to know if you have a hybrid soul?


Have you always felt that you are different from the others?


Normal souls are purely human, hybrid souls on the other hand are mixed and can be mixed for example with different beings, among other things also with an angel soul.


If you want to know what kind of soul you have, with what exactly your soul is mixed and what mission you have here on earth, I can tell you everything exactly through a certain ritual.






Dual soul


The dual soul is a soul incarnated in two bodies.


This means that the same soul parts are in two different bodies, the vibrations and soul energy and soul harmony are the same.


Thus, 2 people who have the same soul automatically attract each other strongly, and also understand each other very well, because your soul is just like his/her.


Through dual soul encounters, very strong energies are always released, because when they meet, the dual souls recognize each other again and repel their mutual equal energies to each other out of joy that they have found each other again.




If you want to know if you and a certain person in your life share a dual soul connection, I can tell you through a ritual that I do for you exactly whether you have a dual soul or not.




Deceased human souls


Is a person you knew who died recently or long ago still with you? Do you still feel that he/she is present?



Human souls remain after death with those who were very dear to them, because they often do not want to admit that they are already dead.



Through contact with this/these deceased person/people one can clarify misunderstandings and say what could no longer be said, because the human soul absolutely wants to communicate some last words to their loved ones so that they can peacefully find their rest, otherwise it remains forever and can never pass to the other side.



I can make contact with this particular human soul for you so that you can talk and tell each other everything that is on both your hearts.



If you did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to that person when he/she died because you were absent when he/she died, or because he/she died in an accident or was run over, I can help you with that and make contact with that human soul so that you can say goodbye to him/her properly.



Evidence about deceased persons:



You do not have to tell me the name of the deceased person, because I will contact the soul of this deceased person and he/she will tell me his/her name.




Gift or abilities

When someone claims to have a gift

or abilities

to see into the future or into your life,

they must,

first be able to show you proof.


The people who claim to be able to do that,

often speak only

general and these are liars.





Through a personal conversation with me

under 4 eyes, I can tell you

the names of the people with whom


you have to do or

problems, without you telling me anything.


I tell you everything concretely and accurately.

You will see, feel and sense for yourself

that my work is real.


Live answer directly from your soul!




Decision support and advice



If you have to make a decision or need advice, I can get in touch with your soul through a certain ritual and it will give you immediately/live the answer that you will see with your own eyes.





Fee - Prices:


My work has to be valued by you.

My work for you:


that I take all the bad things from you,

no matter if you have lovesickness, partner- and marriage-problems,


depression, migraine, insomnia, pain, blockages..,


fear, misery, panic, grief, voodoo, black magic, spells,


obsession with dark energy and much more.




in exchange I give you a lot of energy and solve all your problems


and protect you against everything bad.


Supportive to stand aside, I can also, if it is difficult for you to find the right partner.






Spiritual healer Ali


from Karlsruhe Germany






Please write me an email to get in touch.


I can also visit you at home.


Home visit:


I can come to you individually, for a one-on-one talk/session or else, we do a group session with your family/friends/acquaintances.



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